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The client receives a detailed assessment of their current use of self-leadership strategies. Depending on the client’s needs, additional factors that impact performance (e.g., work values, use of working memory capacities, (maladaptive) use of technology such as cell phones, and psychological factors (e.g., ADHD, emotional well-being, personality) are assessed. Corporate clients receive a detailed needs assessment, an organizational proposal, followed by several implementation sessions to launch and maintain organizational change.

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The Leadership Development Process:

Based on the customized assessment the client receives training in the areas of growth identified through the assessment. The client chooses the strategies to implement and receives feedback and support during and after the implementation process change.

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Why Choose The Leadership Practice?

Those who are dissatisfied with a “one size fits it all” approach will receive a detailed assessment and customized treatment solutions that create holistic leaders. If needed, treatment is provided by a team of leadership specialists. Each client is treated as a unique case, shaped by his/her unique circumstances. Leadership Development is based on the latest neuroscientific and organizational research: Dr. Sibylle Georgianna, lead trainer of The Leadership Practice, is a Clinical Psychologist who specializes in optimizing individuals’ performance as an addiction specialist and an organizational psychologist.


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