Raise Future Leaders
May 8, 2016

The Leadership Practice equips individuals, partners, couples, and families though education and skill building to optimize resilience and performance. The strategies taught in The Leadership Practice Trainings create physical vitality, constructive thoughts, successful behaviors, and natural rewards. The strategies thereby optimize (1) Biological, (2) Psychological, (3) Social, and (4) Spiritual health.

Physical Vitality Creates Biological Health
  • Self-leadership Strategies Targeting Physical Health:

If your assessment data suggest an underlying medical component that may impair your performance, I will work with you and your primary care physician so that potential underlying medical problems (such as hypothyroidism, hormone imbalances, chronic infections) receive medical attention. I will help you to eliminate any potential toxins (such as marijuana, excessive alcohol, other drugs, nicotine, caffeine, and environmental toxins).

Constructive Thoughts Create Psychological Health

Based on the participants’ assessment data The Leadership Practice teaches self-leadership skills that increase the participant’s resilience when facing stressors such as challenging goals, team environments.

  • Self-leadership Strategies Targeting Constructive Thoughts:
    • Daily Affirmations of Healthy Thinking
    • Gratitude
Successful Behaviors Create Social Health

Research has shown that individuals with consistent social accountability can maintain their self-leadership goals over the course of five years at a success rate of 96% if they are engaged in a culture of support. The Leadership Practice helps their clients build a network of support.

  • Self-leadership Strategies Targeting Successful Behaviors:
    • Self-observation Skills
    • A Culture of Support
    • Resolution of Conflicts
    • Healthy Responsibility for Successful Relationships
Natural Rewards Create Spiritual Health

Research has shown that individuals who create rewarding circumstances by, e.g., being part of something bigger than oneself, volunteering/helping others or participating in religious services report contentment and pleasure. The Leadership Practice helps their clients create greater meaning of life by developing an over-arching sense of mission or calling according to participants’ values and interests.

  • Self-leadership Strategies Targeting Natural Rewards:
    • Spiritual Health: Meditation
    • Relationship with Self: Journaling
    • Relationship with Others: Team and Community Building