How To Lead

How To Excel: Fast Track Coaching
November 30, 2016
Leadership Training on YouTube
January 5, 2017

How does leadership work? What are the mechanisms behind healthy leadership? Self-leadership describes how to get the job done. There are four aspects of healthy leadership:

These aspects can be strengthened through using four types of self-leadership strategies:

(1) Strategies that create constructive thoughts;

(2) Strategies that use effective behaviors;

(3) Strategies that create healthy environments; and

(4) Physical vitality.


Watch these videos to find out what self-leadership is all about:

-Overview video on all four aspects of self-leadership and how to lead others

-Watch Dr. Sibylle’s interview with Elke Balger, a designer with a passion for strategies that create healthy environments.

-Check out Dr. Sibylle’s interview with Paul Keating, an instructor who creates physical vitality in his clients.