Personal Growth and Development

WHY Coaching & Communicative Support?
September 9, 2017
Super-leadership: Lead Others As You Lead Yourself
September 26, 2017

Most people want to grow and develop. Most people have aspirations to do well and be rewarded with more pay and higher positions. Most people have dreams and goals they want to achieve. Development and preparation for positions with greater responsibility require three parties:

  • The person needs to be ambitious and willing to do what’s required to grow and progress.
  • There needs to be a “process” in place to help those who want to grow.
  • You’ve got to be an active player.


Invest your time. Start thinking of yourself as a coach or mentor. Look at the people in your life. If you see them as your protégés/mentees (and they see you as their mentor), consider the following approach to help your protégés grow: Take a look at the person in terms of current strengths and weaknesses and of the competencies, he/she needs to develop to move on to the next step.

· Dialogue with him/her:

  • What does he/she want?
  • What will he/she sacrifice to get there?
  • What is his/her own appraisal of his/her skills?
  • Draft a “development plan” for and with your mentee.

What are the things you can arrange for your mentee to blossom? List 5 concrete activities to engage in (these can range from short-term to long-term), e.g., “Take a career/personality/strengths finder inventory”