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Physical Vitality
September 5, 2017
Personal Growth and Development
September 15, 2017
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Most people want to grow and develop. Most people have aspirations to do well, and be rewarded with more pay and higher positions. Most people have dreams and goals they want to archive. Development and preparation for positions with greater responsibility is a three-part harmony. The person needs to be ambitious and willing to do what’s required to grow and progress. The organization had to have a process in place to help those who want to grow. Those two are usually true in all organizations. The last part of the harmony is usually the problem: The person in charge has to be an active player in the three-part harmony or development won’t happen. Without the key player’s time, interest, and effort, people won’t grow if they don’t want to. People won’t grow if the organization shows no interest and offers no support. People won’t grow if you don’t make it a priority.