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More and More Calm: Nostril Breathing
October 10, 2017
Physical Vitality: How To Rest (Not Sleep)
October 17, 2017

Every day we seem to be bombarded by the media with updates on crises, disasters, and tragedies while we are dealing with our personal lives and all there is to it. This can make us feel as if out of control situations, other people’s struggles with mental health, and uncontrollable circumstances are our daily bread and there is nothing that we can do about it. Subsequently we may feel that we do not have the strength to deal with life as it presents itself even if we could make a difference.

There are proven ways to create a sense of healthy power and calm in our lives: research shows that how we lead ourselves (also called self-leadership or self-regulation) can calm our stress response and thereby increase our physical vitality and well-being.


The More and More Calm Program (free of charge and completely online for ease of access) is a course that I created. It is my gift to give back to you- who are part of your community to deserves to thrive: The course consists of videos, audio files, and cheat sheets that will create calm in you as they empower you to practice practice self-leadership. Self-leadership strategies have been found to increase your physical vitality through, e.g., breathing and slowing down (even if your mind does not want to slow down). Other self-leadership strategies help increase constructive thoughts, successful behaviors, and your ability to create rewarding circumstances (despite of what we have to deal with).

Be invited to try out self-leadership, keep what you think is beneficial, and let go of the rest. Be empowered to be at your best, with healthy control and power, and a role model of such to those around you.  Thank you for your interest!



P.S. At any time I would love to hear from you, feel free post a response to email me or text/call (917) 620 0481.