Physical Vitality And Crisis

Super-leadership: Lead Others As You Lead Yourself
September 26, 2017
More and More Calm: Nostril Breathing
October 10, 2017

Feeling overwhelmed by the news? Are you flooded by constant reminders of tragedies, adversities, and other challenges?

Every day we seem to be bombarded by the media with updates on crises, disasters, and tragedies. This can make us feel as if out of control situations, other people’s struggles with mental health, and uncontrollable circumstances are our daily bread and there is nothing that we can do about it. Subsequently we may feel that we do not have the strength to deal with life as it presents itself. Practicing self-leadership strategies will increase your physical vitality through, e.g., breathing and slowing down (even if your mind does not want to slow down). Calming down your stress response will allow you to make the best choices that you can and create calmness and health in yourself and those around you.