Wow! The 60 Days Challenge Has Ended

Thrive Perfectly: Decrease Perfectionism
February 5, 2018
60 Days Challenge- Takeaways from Mod 1
March 15, 2018
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I just wanted to share a couple of insights from our 60 Days challenge launch. We got such great feedback! And some of it might be exactly what are are facing- as in the process of the Conquer Change challenge, I have encountered my own struggles and weaknesses as I know how hard it is to venture out and do what you desire and have been wanting to do! You ask how I know? The following applies to myself. See if it also applies to you:

  • You have a certain -high- standard and don’t want to let yourself or others down;
  • You already have a lot on your plate;
  • You have no time to focus on what you want.

However, ~Contact.FirstName~, I believe in you!

We are here with you, and want you to have the opportunity to succeed no matter what comes your way. And we all have our obstacles. In fact, this is what the Conquer Change Program is talking about in Module 2. So I created this private Facebook group to hold myself accountable: To post what I want to pursue as this will allow you to ask me how I am doing (you thought you are the only one who may need some feedback- trust me, I need it too)! Join The Leadership Practice’ Thrive Facebook Group for free support and inspiration! – plus to support me in the pursuit of what I truly desire….:)

Or, if you do not wish to use Facebook but prefer a phone call or a video conference from your computer, let us know and we will inform you when we are hosting a Thrive session via videoconferencing/phone.