Conquer Change- Takeaways from Module 5

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September 22, 2018
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September 22, 2018

Moving Past Procrastination, Perfectionism, Low Self-esteem and Other Ways of Self-sabotaging?

Well, if we are truly transparent with ourselves and others, we get to admit that maintaining changes that we made is not easy. Actually, it may feel impossible at times. Nevertheless, there have been studies done to this matter that show that it is possible to maintain changes, but it depends on whether or not we are implementing certain principles. The Conquer Change Program’s Module 5 brings us exactly to this place of sustainable success.

Principles to Maintain Desired Behaviors

Interested in a sneak preview of the things that will make you up to 96% likely to maintain a desired behavior (even long-term)? Raveena Martin kindly prepared a sneak preview of your tools for preventing “relapse” into undesired behaviors, as described in the Conquer Change Program Module 5. Watch participants’ takeaways from Module 5. You are worth it!

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