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September 22, 2018
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October 9, 2018

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Why Keys?

Research shows that there are indeed principles or keys to unlock successful behaviors. For example, to achieve a goal, we first must actually set one. Then we are much more likely to actually venture out and pursue what we would like to pursue. Furthermore, our chances of pursuing what we would like to pursue increase if we create a SMART goal:

Key 1: Specificity

The more specific we get, the more likely we are able to succeed.

S=Specific:I want to work 10 hours less per week; I want to lose 15 pounds in 3 months; I want to remain sober despite of my travel schedule.

M=Measurable: By working 10 hours less per week, I will be able to attend one of my child’s soccer games during the weekend and pick him up from one practice during the work week; by losing 15 pounds in 3 months, I will be able to fit my spring clothes again; to remain sober, I will create a game plan how to attend the upcoming trade show without drinking).

A=Achievable: Pick a reasonable increment to achieve your goal; run your goal and your increments by a trusted friend for feedback. For example, losing 15 pounds in three months (when discussed with your health care provider) may be feasible. Creating a survival plan for a trade show may require some creativity and a friend (or professional) to strategize about your endeavor.

R=Realistic: See “Achievable”. To create a realistic goal, you may need some feedback from a caring, trustworthy person who wants you to succeed.

There are several keys to success. We are giving you a key at a time, so that you get to unlock your success.

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