Takeaways from Conquer Change Mod 4

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September 18, 2018
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September 22, 2018

Conquer Change- Module 4: Establish Relationship Success

When it comes to not just having a plan on how to implement a change (e.g., pursuing healthier eating during the football or holiday season) but RELATIONSHIPS to deal with, this is where things can get kind of difficult. If it was not for those around us who are sometimes not our biggest fans when it comes to change, we would be just doing fine :). Fear not but be inspired by The Conquer Change Program’s Module 4: Establish Relationship Success. There is a way to get you to succeed!

You ask me: How?

Here is Raveena Martin’s summary of where Conquer Change Module 4 will get you. Watch participants’ takeaways from Mod 4.

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