Delegation 101- How To Get Started

November 1, 2018
THRIVE during YOUR holidays Webinar
November 11, 2018

Why Delegation?

In this busy season of the year, giving over tasks to others that others are well capable of handling is the key to overall health. Delegation depends on our use of constructive thoughts: we need to identify the task to delegate, then set up the task in a format that others can take it over, and then use successful communication to train others in handling the task at hand. In this video, we use the constructive thought self-leadership strategy called mental contrasting.

Mental Contrasting

Mental contrasting is a “self-activation” strategy that induces your goal striving by having you list and elaborate on the pros and cons of a task. That tension between the good things associated with the accomplishment of a task contrasted with the obstacles that may impair goal striving is getting your brain started to move towards your goal (in our case, the review of a task to be delegated). Here is the video footage of our zoom call on this topic. Enjoy!