For Health Care Providers

You are in the right place!

Are you dealing with repetitive struggles associated with equipping your clients to treatment success? Feeling that your clients are moving one step forward, two steps back? No matter where you and your clients are, we are giving you the how to help them, as you are the expert to them:


The Medical & Health Care Professionals’ Resources to Breakthrough gives you downloadable assessments, work sheets, PowerPoints to use with your staff, your clients, and your clients’ legal representatives, and audio files that describe strategies so that you (1) have a road map HOW to assess in your clients what skills they need to develop, (2) have the tools at hand to create the change and momentum they need to thrive, and (3) keep your peace of mind instead of feeling overwhelmed by, e.g., the complexity of the issues that your client is facing.

But where do you start!?

Perhaps in your most courageous moments you’ve made the commitment to start looking for additional tools to enhance your clients’ growth. You may be a person who jots down ideas to pursue, your next goal to tackle, a to-do list to get the job done. But even if you are super committed and with the best intentions, getting your mentees/clients to commit themselves to goals that will bring the change they (or you on their behalves) desire poses another set of challenges.

Here’s why most clients may abandon the goal(s) they set with you:

Without a clear, step-by-step project plan how to increase their skills, they get completely lost.
They fall victim to paralyzing hangups, distractions, and the feeling of overwhelm that is so common in our “overload” society (another relationship app to download, another time consuming activity to check out, another scheduling conflict that comes up). This all may be due to a lack of clarity over exactly what they need to do (and maintain) to witness a desired change.

Here’s why this is so crippling:

Our bodies take a snapshot as to what we are dealing with (also called “body memory”). So what is on your body’s snapshot? Memories of an already busy person with people to attend to, services to fulfill, tasks to complete and many daily demands (e.g., how to stay focused despite of many buzzes and beeps from our technology, how to transition from one task to another if we have too many tasks to accomplish). So your body memory at some point gives you the feedback that you literally can’t take anything else on. Plus your body may give you the impression that, the moment you get lost in your feelings of being overwhelmed, it feels almost impossible to recover.


Even if the aforementioned scenario of overwhelm described you, there is a golden opportunity for you to jump in, gain clarity, add on vital tools and leave behind confusion, uncertainty, setbacks, and our sense of overwhelm.

Please know:

1. Building a successful toolbox to generate momentum and sustainable change isn’t particularly hard or complicated. But there are MANY moving pieces and potential roadblocks along the way. They could sound like this:

Where do I begin?
What are the patterns that want to throw me off course?
What can I do instead to overcome old patterns and feelings?
I should know this- I am a helping professional with lots of experience, lots of education, and lots of passion!
Why do I feel paralyzed when “good” change is coming my way?

2. Most people approach developing their professional skill set as just another “thing there is or is not”. But the thing is, you can’t treat the development of your coaching/helping skills as just another “strategy”, “tactic” or “system”. It’s an immensely valuable (and fragile) asset that when done right, can earn you great gains over the course of it’s lifetime.

3. Time to respect it for what it is – a PROCESS to embark on adding more and more powerful to your helping professional’s tool box – and approach it accordingly. The key ingredient to your success in all of this is a course that empowers you to conquer the challenge.

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Sibylle Georgianna, Ph.D.