Shape A Future Leader Program

Welcome to The Leadership Practice Shape A Future Leader Program!


Are you working with someone who has great potential? Are you a coach, mentor, or parent with questions on how to best influence a person in your life? Are you concerned that your protege is not thriving to fullest potential?


Your “Shape a Future Leader” Program!!

You will receive strategic tools:


• A game plan to help your mentee develop a game plan to tackle school, career development, and master face-to-face and online relationships in his/her professional as well as private life;

• WHAT to teach your protege so that he/she excels in their holistic development and successfully transitions into adaptive adulthood; tools to maintain growth.


Not everyone is a good fit for this program. I want you to be COMPLETELY clear if my  “Shape a Future Leader” Program is for you. This program is a good fit for three types of people. See if you are one of them.

#1: If you have been working on improving a person’s life, establish healthy goals with him/her, and you understand the value of developing healthy coping skills and a mission for life in yourself and others, you are a perfect fit for this program.

#2: If you have been educating yourself or another person about how to improve coping, you are a perfect fit.

#3: If you are not coaching/training/impacting someone else but are dealing with a relationship that gives you undefined feelings of tension, worry, changes in your eating and sleep patterns, this course is a good fit for you.


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