The Leadership Practice Inc. Team

You may have the privilege to train yourself and/or others. Meet the team who will teach you how to effectively deal with risk factors that thwart long-term, sustainable performance. Your personal and professional growth will follow. Interested in a consultation?  Book Now.

Dr. Sibylle Georgianna, Clinical Psychologist

CEO & CFO of The Leadership Practice Inc.


Dr. Sibylle’s interest is to create holistic leadership in leaders (e.g., mentors, helping professionals, coaches, entrepreneurs) and their followers (e.g., employees, mentees). She is the CEO of The Leadership Practice Inc. and services provided by Sexual Health of Orange County, CA.

Ms. Sarah Hohmann, Leadership Consultant & Researcher


Sarah’s interest is to create healthy and effective leadership behaviors through customized assessment, feedback, and training. Please contact her for a complimentary evaluation and customized feedback sessions.” email=”[email protected]