Self-Activation Self-leadership

Are you a leader with regards to getting started on tasks (your self-activation)? Take this assessment:

Self-leadership Assessment: Self-activation

If I accept tasks reluctantly, I am often unable to remain motivated in the long-­term.    

I am not always able to achieve desirable work goals on my own.

I am only able to resist the temptation of welcome breaks from work on rare occasions.

I am often unable to pursue long-term goals with the required focus.

Whenever I am in a bad mood, I mostly have to wait until the mood subsides on its own.

I am not good at dealing with negative emotions at work.

Sometimes I lack the self-discipline to successfully complete personal projects.

I often have to lower my standards for ambitious goals.

I sometimes lack the necessary enthusiasm to work hard for ambitious projects.

I am unable to always realize the goals I set as a result of external influences.

Thank you for taking our self-leadership survey that assesses your use of self-activation strategies.

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