Time Management Self-leadership

Are you a leader with regards to your time management? Take this assessment:

Self-leadership: Time Management Assessment

When faced with new problems, I run all possible solutions through my head.

To keep updated, I use personal organizers or other memory aids.

With personal projects, I try and set a specific time for starting certain tasks.

At the start of the day, I always know which task to tackle first.

Before starting important tasks, I mentally arrange the required tasks in order of importance.

I fully familiarize myself with new tasks before tackling them.

I choose a method for completing urgent tasks well in advance.

I plan personal projects, in order to complete them successfully within a reasonable amount of time.

I hardly ever come under time pressure, because I allocate my time well.

When starting something, I think exactly about how to proceed in detail.

When handling tasks, I am careful to ensure rapid progress.

Congratulations! You have finished the time management component of your self-leadership assessment.

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