How To Get Started


Your leadership training creates a dynamic and creative partnership that will excite and demand the best from both of us. If at any time we fall short of fully understanding you, please make this known to your trainer. We all learn in the process, so it is important that you communicate what is and is not working for you. Your self-leadership training is the tool that you use to design and create your true mission and legacy that is what you want to pursue. Your super-leadership training is the tool for you to pass on your self-leadership skills to another person through coaching and communicative support and providing them opportunities for autonomous decision making. I find that exhilarating and hope you do too!


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How To Get Started:

  1. Contact Dr. Sibylle or a team member to set up a free, confidential phone call to determine the best service for you. Self-and Super-leadership fast track coaching? Resilience training? We will find the most effective service for you to maximize your outcomes.


Before your coaching session:

  1. Please review the coaching agreement and return a signed copy to me before our first scheduled coaching meeting. A coaching agreement that we both sign before our first coaching meeting is required for us to start.
  2. Please shop the product that best fits your needs. If you would like to pay by credit card instead, please complete the credit card authorization form and email it back to Dr. Sibylle.
  3. Please complete the client welcome packet and email it back to me before the next call. If you choose several consultations I encourage you to complete the email prep form prior to each consultation. The prep form is a marvelous tool that allows you to focus on what you’ve accomplished, what challenges you may be facing and choose the topic(s) for each coaching meeting. However, if something comes up that takes precedence over what you have on the prep form then go with what is most important to you: during all coaching, you get to set the agenda.