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Discover the four aspects of self-leadership (Müller, Georgianna, & Roux, 2010). Educate yourself how the use of self-leadership strategies can make you a better leader and what self- and super-leadership (Müller, Georgianna, Schermelleh-Engel, Roth, Sauerland, & Muessigmann, (2013). are all about. Read about how strong self-leadership and super-leadership can yield job satisfaction in employees.

Learn which organizational settings promote healthy self-and super-leadership.

Read about how people from cultural differences may differ in their use of self-leadership strategies (Georgianna, 2007).

Find information on interventions that teach self-leadership strategies to at-risk individuals (Georgianna, 2015).

Read about assessing and developing entrepreneurs’ self-and super-leadership (Georgianna, 2015).

Read about the statistical validation study of the questionnaire that measures cultural values.

Find out more how self-leadership can be trained.


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