I am dedicated to a multidisciplinary, holistic approach to client development and research. As an Assistant Professor of Vanguard University’s Organizational Psychology Graduate Program I supervise Graduate students’ various  research projects. Examples of such projects (some of which include the development of self-leadership and super-leadership (leading others through self-leadership)) are described below. A number of noteworthy studies (described in the alphabetical order of topic/key words) follow:

Organizational Citizenship Behavior and Training:

Alaura Rice, M.S., conducted her research on how mindfulness transforms organizational citizenship behavior, change, and commitment.




Voice Behavior Scale


Date of Publication:



Established to measure voice, “a proactive behavior that emphasizes expressions of a challenge to the status quo in order to improve organizational performance”.

Evidence of Reliability?

Six item scale – Cronbach’s alpha .90

Test-retest reliability for the voice was .78 These results provide support for the validity of voice across three rating sources and over time.


There is no fee, however, the authors would like to be informed and request you ask permission to use.


Van Dyne, L. & LePine, J. (1998).  Helping and voice extra-role behaviors: Evidence of construct and predictive validity. Academy of Management Journal, 41 (1), 108-119.