I am dedicated to a multidisciplinary approach to client care and research. As an Adjunct Professor of Vanguard University’s Organizational Psychology Graduate Program I mentor students who do research on self-leadership and super-leadership (leading others through self-leadership). Current research studies:

Candidate Elisha-Rae Avne investigates the self-leadership strategies and attachment styles prevalent in young entrepreneurs. Candidate Candice Co examines the relationship of self-leadership and creativity.  Candidate Tawnya Rybarcyk studies the relationship of openness to change in organizations and self-leadership strategies used by employees. Candidate Ryan Rishoishi studies the effectiveness of telecommuting from an organizational as well as employee perspective.

The German Self-leadership questionnaire [DSFA-R] that was developed using a sample of European students and entrepreneurs is currently evaluated with a sample of U.S. students and entrepreneurs. Studies are reviewed by Vanguard University’s Institutional Review Board. For more information please visit

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