For Mentors/Helping Professionals

Are you interested in learning how to excel in mentoring others? Are you dealing with repetitive struggles associated with mentoring/teaching others? Feeling that your mentees are moving one step forward, two steps back? No matter where you and your mentee(s) are, we are giving you the how to:

Learn how to lead yourself and others.


In addition, watch the re-play of our last webinar on How To Shape A Future Leader.

We are currently offering a free leadership assessment for employees and/or mentors/teachers who are leading others (e.g., through mentoring or teaching). The assessment and feedback is conducted by Ms. Sarah Hohmann:

The free self-leadership and leadership/mentoring assessment of others includes:

  • Free online assessment;
  • Free feedback on areas of growth
  • A complimentary resource on the importance of leading yourself and others.

Click here to get your in this free of charge, limited-time only assessment and feedback.


Email our lead researcher Ms. Sarah Hohmann for more information.